Addressing the Importance of Education, Testing, and Support

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimate that more than one million Americans are living with HIV. Up to one-third of them do not know they are HIV-positive. Through advances within the medical community over the years, the HIV death rates are continuing to fall. However, there is still no cure.

WestCare contributes to the fight against AIDS in many different ways. The expansion and improvement of HIV/AIDS education is critical to preventing the spread of HIV. By raising awareness on the virus and how it is passed on, we are able to equip individuals with the knowledge to protect themselves from becoming infected. An example of a program such as this includes: Georgia's CARES Outreach Program.

WestCare understands the vital importance of knowing your HIV/AIDS status, and we seek to reduce the shame and stigma associated with getting tested. The sooner the test, the sooner you can access treatments and information to help manage the condition. An example of a program such as this includes: The GUAHAN Project of the Pacific Islands.

Providing support to those infected, affected, or at-risk of HIV/AIDS is essential in dealing with the diagnosis. WestCare offers programs with an atmosphere of bonding and togetherness, where you share concerns and speak with others who understand. The impact on all of those who have taken advantage of these services creates a personal attachment to the centers. An example of a program such as this includes: California's The Living Room.

All clients who utilize any of these programs receive complete confidentiality and the utmost respect for what they or their loved ones are going through.