Serving the Individual While Focusing on the Family

A universal commonality between human beings is a basic need to belong. The family unit not only fulfills this need, but also serves as a source for support, comfort, love, and nurturing development. During hard times, when motivation is low, it is this sense of belonging that drives individuals toward success. The desire to be an important part of something greater than one's self is fulfilled by strengthening family growth and togetherness.

WestCare strives to not only serve the individual but also focus on the family as a whole. Whatever service may be provided, the family is always a part of the process. Both residential and outpatient treatment facilities seek to engage the family throughout recovery. Parents and children receive unique services with a holistic approach that strengthen bonds and promote attachment. WestCare understands that recovery is more than just sobriety; it is changing for the better in every aspect of life. Focusing on the value of family and teaching positive parenting is a vital part of the recovery process. Examples of programs such as these include: California's M'ella Program, Papa Natal, and Family First, Nevada's Healthy Families Program, and The Village Children's Services Center in Florida.

WestCare's focus on the family is not limited to treatment facilities. Other programs that specifically serve families include domestic violence shelters, veterans' services, homeless shelters, and transitional living facilities. Examples of programs such as these include: Arizona's Safehouse, FAVA, California's San Joaquin Valley Veterans, and Georgia's Blanket Atlanta.