Our Commitment to Uplifting Families

A universal commonality between human beings is a basic need to belong. For many, the family unit can fulfill this need and serve as a source of support, comfort, love, and nurturing development.

WestCare acknowledges and honors that there are many different types of families. In our work we strive to keep children safe and keep families together. WestCare’s commitment to uplifting families is evident in our nearly 50 years of experience offering critical programs and services to children and families across the nation.

WestCare takes a holistic approach to meeting the needs of families. Our continuum of behavioral health and human services are individualized, trauma-informed, culturally competent, and incorporate evidence-based interventions. One of the primary goals of our programming is to strengthen family bonds and support each member of the family as they grow and evolve.

Our dedicated and caring personnel are passionate about offering affirming and welcoming environments for individuals and families to thrive.

Helping children, youth, teens, adults, and families strengthen their resilience has been part of the WestCare mission and calling from the beginning.