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AFP ICON 2024: Impactful Together

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By Andrew Moran, Development Director

From April 7-9 in Toronto, Canada, the WestCare Development team attended AFP ICON 2024: Impactful Together. Development Coordinator Lisa Smith and  Director of Community Engagement Dustin Forman (from WestCare Florida!) met with me to attend this amazing conference.

This annual event brings together fundraising professionals from all around the world to inspire, empower, and educate us to make a difference in our respective organizations. The 3 days were filled with a wide array of sessions to choose from such as creating the ultimate money-raising donor-engaging comprehensive fundraising plan to running a capital campaign ad and exploring the top trends and best practices in our field. I enjoyed the discussion on the importance of driving impact to donors and how to supercharge fundraising power through golf tournaments and galas.

As the event came to a close, I left feeling energized and equipped with new knowledge and insights. The connections I made with fellow fundraisers and the experiences shared throughout the day further fueled my passion to fundraise and make a difference. It brings me a source of inspiration and motivation to hear success stories of individuals who share a common goal, and it really reignites my passion and drive.