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Collaborating for Recovery

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By Eldridge Washington, Community Organizer

WestCare Georgia’s Free 2 Recover program recently celebrated its partnership with Making A Way Housing, Inc. during a launch event held at Making A Way Housing’s location on April 20, 2024. This collaboration signifies a powerful alliance aimed at supporting individuals struggling with addiction and homelessness in Atlanta. 

At the event, representatives from both organizations expressed their enthusiasm about the partnership and its potential to benefit the community significantly. Through this collaboration, Free 2 Recover will now be able to refer participants to safe and supportive housing options provided by Making A Way Housing, Inc. This comprehensive approach to recovery not only supports individuals in overcoming addiction but also helps them rebuild their lives, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the community. Making Away provides subsidized, sober, supportive housing, helping individuals transition from the emergency shelter, recovery homes, or other transitional living programs.  

The launch event was a testament to the shared mission of Free 2 Recover and Making A Way Housing, Inc. Both organizations are united to uplift the human spirit and provide comprehensive support to those in need. Their joint commitment is to empower individuals in recovery to achieve lasting sobriety and stability by pooling resources and expertise.