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Congratulations on Your Promotion Amy!

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By Maureen Dunleavy, LMHC, Regional Vice President – WestCare Florida – Guidance/Care Center

On March 1st, Amy Beeler, LMHC, was promoted to the position of Clinical Coordinator of Children’s Services. Amy Beeler, LMHC, CAP began working at the G/CC during her graduate practicum with Nova Southeastern University and later accepted a therapist position in April of 2006. For the past fifteen years, she has worked with the G/CC, the Family Treatment Court Program and the therapeutic behavioral on-site service program in the community. In 2019, she was promoted to Mobile Crisis Response (MCS) Team Leader, providing on-demand crisis services to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis. She has provided training and outreach with many local agencies to raise awareness of the 24/7 crisis care available in a community-based setting to stabilize individuals and to avoid the need for jail or hospital/emergency department utilization.

She was recognized as the Key Largo Employee of the year in 2018. In addition, she is considered a mental health expert by providing testimonies in court since 1996.

Amy has been trained in specialized areas such as Rapid Resolution Therapy/Rapid Reduction Techniques and treating trauma and disassociation. Her areas of expertise include substance use disorders, relapse prevention, trauma and working with children and their families. Amy has demonstrated consistent professional oversight and leadership of our mobile crisis team. She also understands the importance of data in decision-making. Amy assumes additional responsibilities with enthusiasm and due to her outstanding performance, she has managed our programs in a manner consistent with state and accreditation standards. We know that Amy will shine in her new position!