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James and James Jr.

Father-Son Duo Learns Healthy Family Habits

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Meet James and James Jr.

They were recent June 2024 graduates of our Celebrating Families! program at our WestCare California operations. During this 12-week family-inclusive program, they always arrived with a positive attitude and were ready to learn the night’s class topic.

As a single parent, James continues to work on himself to be a better father for James Jr., and both actively participated in all the sessions. When asked what the most important things he learned was, he said: “Understanding the boundaries of others and learning to work together as a family.”

He shared his son loved the groups and always talked about every session on their way home, especially when they learned about the impacts of smoking and how it hurts the body and lungs. It drove home the understanding of how important it is to keep our bodies healthy.

James continued to state: “I learned to be patient and kind to myself. I especially must stop and think things through. I use the calming techniques I learned and remain positive. My group leaders understood my feelings and life experiences and I gained knowledge of things that i can use at home to be a better father.”

Join us in congratulating James and James Jr. We wish them the very best!

About Celebrating Families!: The Celebrating Families! program is a free 12-week/session group that helps families build strong bonds and learn how to interact in healthy ways. Each session begins with a FREE MEAL to encourage family bonding time. To learn more about this program, contact:
559-237-3420, ext: 20377

Celebrating Families! es un programa gratuito de 12 semanas que ofrece una serie de talleres en grupo en lo cual asisten a familias a construir lazos fuertes y aprenden a interactuar de manera saludable. Para más información, por favor conectate con tu especialista de trabajo:
559-237-3420, ext: 20377