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WE ARE PRIDE: A Message from WestCare’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff Workgroup

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June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and together with Juneteenth, WestCare is celebrating the strength and determination of the human spirit all month long. WestCare personifies the meaning of Pride Month every day. WestCare is a community of people representing a multitude of life experiences and individual differences. We are leaders, helpers, healers, coaches, teachers, mentors, guides, moderators, mediators, truth-seekers, truth-tellers and more. We are a team with a higher purpose. We are united through a shared belief that every human being has the right to live their truth and deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Ours is an inclusive community that strives to create the most welcoming and affirming organization possible. We accept our colleagues and clients for who they are and where they are – understanding that everyone’s story is unique. We never ask someone in pain or struggling: What’s wrong with you? Rather, we compassionately ask: What happened to you? We understand that LGBTQ+ and BIPOC individuals experience higher rates of trauma (often intergenerational). We recognize how trauma impacts the mind, body, and spirit.

We don’t draw conclusions based on one aspect of a person’s life – knowing that the various facets of a person are all interconnected on a deeper level. We are open to exploring what makes each of us extraordinary. We seek knowledge to understand what is new or unfamiliar to us. We know that’s where we often discover humanity and common ground.

We bring our most authentic selves to work every day so that our clients can realize their best selves. We ensur e that our programs and facilities are the safe spaces our clients and community can always count on. We understand that living one’s truth is a journey – some are just starting out, some are well on their way, and some haven’t taken the first step (perhaps because it’s not safe for them to do so).

In our work, we know that progress is key to growth. Progress isn’t perfection. It looks and feels different for every individual. There will be wins and setbacks. Still, we must persevere. We reflect on those who came before. Their experience, wisdom, and accomplishments help guide us today.

Our WestCare Community has heart, and we know love has the power to unite us. Above all, we treat our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves with respect and dignity.