Addressing the Use, Abuse, and Addiction to Alcohol and Other Drugs

"Substance use disorder" is a currently used term for an issue that is not singular or simplistic. But rather, it is a term within which there is a spectrum of issues related to the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, as well as the diseases of alcoholism and addiction. To address this spectrum of issues, WestCare provides differentiated programs across the continuum of care.

Substance use is an experience that permeates every community. Within the lives of each person, decision-making moments present at which "to use?" or "not to use?" is the question. Information and education about alcohol and drugs and their effect and impact are essential to making the best decision. WestCare provides such information and education in school-based programs and community-based coalitions and through youth services. Answering the questions related to substance use is an issue reliant on information and public education. Examples of programs such as these include: Nevada's Education Services and the Village South Miami Beach Coalition.

Substance abuse is another issue that communities must face. Individuals choosing to use alcohol and/or other drugs and, subsequently, choosing to engage in activities that may endanger others, present a public safety concern. Determining the line that, when crossed, creates such danger, is the responsibility of every community. WestCare provides programs assisting with community efforts to protect the public from the possible dangers of substance abuse and to help those individuals who are potentially creating such danger to themselves and others. Providing prevention and intervention programs in concert with first responders, hospitals and criminal justice systems is one way in which WestCare works to help provide a public safety solution. Examples of programs such as these include: the Las Vegas Community Triage Center and California's Education & Prevention services.

Alcoholism and addiction are yet other issues in the spectrum of substance use disorders. Dependency on alcohol or other drugs is a healthcare issue. Addressing these progressive and chronic health issues requires access to treatment programs and clinical services provided by healthcare professionals. WestCare contributes to these healthcare solutions by providing extensive programs and services capable of treating alcoholism and addiction. Examples of programs such as these include: the Boggs Residential Treatment Program in Georgia, the Wyoming Women's Center Outpatient Substance Abuse Program, and Kentucky's Hal Rogers Appalachian Recovery Center Men's Residential Program.