Community-Based Programs

Face Forward
WestCare's Face Forward program helps adolescent boys and girls with current or past involvement in the justice system (e.g., juvenile justice, police involvement, court involvement) overcome barriers to academic and employment success. Wraparound services include:
  • Cognitive behavioral intervention based on best practices to address negative thinking and prepare youth for employment
  • Legal interventions to expunge juvenile criminal records
  • Personalized education programs and service-learning opportunities to engage youth in school and community
  • Evidence-based mentoring
  • Demand-driven career training and workforce activities
  • A robust follow-up and evaluation process

Run4Change offers an alternative to crime and gang activity for teens. The program targets youth ages of 13 to 18, who are on probation, in supervision, or in a diversion program. Run4Change provides 17 weeks of cognitive behavioral therapy; training to run a 5K; and restorative, justice-based peace circles before and after each training run. When combined, these three program components give teens tools for managing mental, physical, and emotional stressors. The group therapy sessions allow teens to share high and low points in their day and gain perspective on their thoughts and emotions, and runs give the teens an outlet for energy. The program is a partnership between WestCare and Cook County Juvenile Probation.

Adult Redeploy Illinois
Through the Adult Redeploy Illinois program, WestCare works with Cook County's Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) and Access To Treatment (ACT) Courts to provide community-based cognitive behavioral therapy as an alternative to incarceration for adults who’ve committed non-violent, low-level drug and related property crimes. Participants meeting legal, criminogenic, and behavioral health criteria have access to community-based treatment through WestCare. The 12 to 18 month program includes court supervision and community-based treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy groups for both men and women.

Substance Use Disorder Services
WestCare recently received a license from the Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA) to provide community-based substance use disorder services. Upon Medicaid certification, WestCare will provide Level I (outpatient) and Level II (intensive outpatient) substance use disorder services for adults and adolescents at our Community Involvement Center in Pilsen. Building on over a decade of work with the people we serve in the Illinois criminal justice system, WestCare's new community-based services will target incarcerated adults re-entering Chicago’s South and West Side communities as well as adolescents in the justice system.

Corrections-Based Programs

Sheridan Correctional Center Programs
WestCare's Therapeutic Community at Sheridan Correctional Center is recognized nationally for its exceptional quality of services. A medium-security prison housing close to 2,000 adult men, Sheridan Correctional Center is committed to addressing the needs of participants with extensive criminal histories and substance use disorders, using a multi-phase modified Therapeutic Community. WestCare's program provides long-term intensive treatment services (9 to 36 months), depending on the need of each person we serve. WestCare's model incorporates best practices in the field including cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Additional support services include family reunification, young men's aggression management, fatherhood, and recreational therapy.

Cook County Jail IMPACT Program
Borrowing from the Sheridan Correctional Center model, WestCare's IMPACT program at Cook County Jail provides an integrated substance use and mental health disorder treatment program in order to serve up to 145 men on a daily basis. Programming integrates specialized substance use disorder treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma intervention, case management, and reentry services.

Crossroads Adult Transition Center
WestCare began providing substance use disorder services at the Crossroads Adult Transition Center in 2011. A modified Therapeutic Community program with 50 beds, the program provides comprehensive behavioral health services and substance use disorder services for men participating in the Crossroads work release program. Treatment services are evidence based, trauma informed, and age appropriate, and include substance use disorder education, group counseling, monthly individual counseling, and reentry planning. Progress is regularly monitored to ensure that each man is able to meet the goals and objectives outlined in his treatment plan.

The Du Quoin Impact Incarceration Program
The Du Quoin Impact Incarceration Program (IIP) is a boot camp that provides discipline and structure for men. The IIP consists of a structured daily schedule, which includes work assignments (on and off site), physical training, and additional programming based on the needs of each person who participates. Additional services include substance use disorder education, cognitive behavioral therapy, anger management, parenting groups, monthly individual counseling, and reentry planning.

The Dixon Springs Impact Incarceration Program
The Dixon Springs Impact Incarceration Program (IIP) mirrors the Du Quoin program, but serves both men and women. With the addition of women, WestCare has supplemented the curriculum with SAMHSA’s Using Matrix with Women Clients.

Women of Dignity Program at Logan Correctional Center
WestCare's Women of Dignity Program at Logan Correctional Center provides 130 women with the opportunity to change and enhance their lives by providing access to quality substance use disorder services. At its inception in October 2015, the program began offering Seeking Safety, the trauma-focused curriculum by Lisa M. Najavits. Seeking Safety is an evidence-based, present-focused counseling model that directly addresses both trauma and addiction. Grounded in best practices, trained and credentialed staff provide services that are of the highest quality and ensure that participant satisfaction is high.

Lincoln Correctional Center
In January 2017, WestCare began providing substance use disorder services for men at Lincoln Correctional Center. This modified Therapeutic Community program has 50 beds and provides cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma intervention, case management, and reentry services.