For all that they have already sacrificed for our country and the freedoms that we are so fortunate to enjoy, it goes unquestioned that our Veterans should be able to rest easy with housing and other forms of necessary support for maintaining their independence. This is a mission that our team at VETcare holds very dear. Our mission is to empower our clients and engage in the process of healing, growth, and change that can not only benefit themselves but with their friends, loved ones, and the community. VETcare offers a variety of programs for Veterans such as transitional housing, homeless reintegration, peer support, and life-skills training. Each program provides a safe and supportive, gender-responsive, trauma-informed model of care.

VETcare Oregon’s primary location, located at 2933 Center St. NE in Salem, operates as a 30-bed facility that helps Veterans in Marion and Polk Counties who are experiencing homelessness. Located at the same facility is our Critical Time Intervention (CTI) program. Our CTI program connects Veterans with VA and community resources that will ensure a continuity of care, stability, and social integration. This program focuses on assisting individuals who are going through difficult transitions in their lives. The CTI model has been applied to not only serve Veterans, but also those who are unhoused, mentally ill, or have been incarcerated. Overall, this program was designed to assist clients who are going through challenging times in trying to navigate a system of care throughout their transitional period. Our team emphasizes mobilizing and strengthening client support during their critical period of transition and ensuring that their support system will remain in place after they leave our care.

We also work closely with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to prevent Veteran suicide in Marion and Polk counties. Located at 3886 Beverly NE in Salem, our VETcare Prevents program is made possible with funding from the Staff Sergeant Parker Gordon Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program (SSG Fox SPGP) which funds services by community-based organizations that have innovative ideas for preventing Veteran suicide. VETcare Prevents helps by educating the public about suicide prevention and awareness and providing case management, mental health assessments, and crisis response intervention for eligible Veterans and their family members.

Sharing office space with the VETcare Prevents program is the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP), which is a program that was established by the U.S. Department of Labor to assist housed and unsheltered Veterans who need assistance in getting back on their feet in efforts to seek employment. HVRP offers job readiness services, employment support, and vocational counseling as well as transitional and permanent housing.