Face Forward - Juvenile Justice Reentry Program
The Face Forward program, sponsored by the Department of Labor, affords WestCare Wisconsin Harambee Community Involvement Center the opportunity to provide wraparound human services to individuals between the ages of 16 and 24, who has never been convicted within the adult Federal, State or local criminal justice system, nor has never been convicted of a sexual offense other than prostitution, but is currently or has been involved in the juvenile justice system or is currently a candidate for diversion under State guidelines for juvenile diversion programs. Our success is being made possible with the collaborative efforts of our community partnerships.

Community Organizing - NSP Area 6
The historic Harambee neighborhood in the city of Milwaukee is known for its community pride, cultural significance, and progressive development. WestCare Wisconsin operates the Harambee Community Involvement Center through CDBG funding provided by the City of Milwaukee Community Development Grants Administration. We serve as the Neighborhood Strategic Planning (NSP) lead agency for Area 6 in the 6th Aldermanic District to address the issues of public safety, property values, economic vitality and quality of life through our presence in the Harambee community. As a community organizing agency we have established activities at the Harambee Community Involvement Center to uplift the community with our housing improvement program, community outreach and special events, as well as youth and family enrichment services. We collaborate with the City Alderwoman’s office and local police department (District 5) to help improve the quality of life for area residents by bridging the service gaps that exist between community needs and available resources. We offer space (limited seating) for the area residents / businesses to use to hold non-political meetings and community events that will educate, enrich, encourage and positively engage the community.

Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP)
The Neighborhood Improvement Project is funded by a grant from the City of Milwaukee Community Development Grants Administration, which selected WestCare Wisconsin to serve as the participating NIP Agency in NSP Area 6 (Harambee community). NIP oversight is provided by the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS). The NIP program offers financial assistance to eligible owner occupants in order to correct municipal building and safety code violations and also reduce lead-based paint hazards so that residents can remain in their homes. WestCare Wisconsin works with the DNS Inspector to assess the scope of work to be done and estimate the reasonable cost of the proposed renovation. Maintenance work includes minor carpentry, roofing, painting, lead work, gutters, window repair / replacement, etc. Mechanical work includes electrical, plumbing, heating or major masonry work. The maintenance portion of the repair work is paid for by a forgivable loan. If you continue to own and occupy the property for five (5) years after you sign the covenant agreement, the loan is forgiven.

MPS 1 CBT Project
WestCare Wisconsin provides Milwaukee Public Schools with an array of evidence-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy services targeted to address the behavior reassignment needs of male and female students, thereby reducing incidences of poor behavior through provision of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program. The program of services include behavioral interventions to address antisocial thinking, substance abuse and/or dependence, anger and aggression, poor family relationships and other behavior reassignment needs. These services provide an effort to teach students cognitive skills and cognitive restructuring; facilitate acceptance of responsibility for poor behavior; and appropriately manage attitudes, thoughts, feelings and emotions responsibly for accountability and community protection. Our goal is to reduce incidences of poor behavior through cognitive restructuring, pro-social skill building and targeting dynamic behavioral risk factors.

MPS 2 Expelled Students Project
WestCare Wisconsin provides supportive services to students who have been temporarily barred from Milwaukee Public Schools. Our services support students in the area of socio-emotional development, decision making, conflict resolution, anger management and AODA counseling and referrals. These services are provided to expelled MPS students for the purpose of preparing them for re-admission and/or early reinstatement to Milwaukee Public Schools.

Dr. James G. White Harambee - Woodlands Housing Initiative
WestCare Wisconsin has three central goals to achieve at The Woodlands, a condo community built in the 1970s and located within the far northwest city limits of Milwaukee; that is, to revitalize each dilapidated unit acquired and transform it into a safe and warm place called home for a valued Veteran and their family, to invest resources that will help address the community challenges of the dwindling of owner-occupancy; and to make our collective vocation the building and developing of a Veterans’ condo community in order to help uplift the human spirit in the family and the neighborhood they live. WestCare Wisconsin acquired ownership interest in five (5) condominiums located in The Woodlands. Our Housing Coordinator has been charged with the responsibility to lead the WestCare Wisconsin team to implement the affordable housing revitalization plan for Veterans in the city of Milwaukee who seek permanent housing and meet the minimal income requirements.

Pre-Apprentice Certificate Training (PACT) Program
The WestCare Wisconsin Pre-Apprentice Certificate Training (PACT) Program, which integrates work-based learning with vocational and academic skills training, is in full effect! The PACT curriculum teaches students about the theory and practice of building for a range of industry trades and exposes them to a variety of industry careers. WestCare Wisconsin is offering practical experience to participants in our Face Forward Program, Veterans from any branch of military service and other interested city of Milwaukee residents. Successful PACT graduates will earn the qualifications to secure entry-level or semi-skilled employment in their chosen trade – carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, masonry, painting, facilities maintenance, and weatherization – as well as other related residential and light commercial construction careers.

Families Moving Forward - Family Crisis Prevention Services
WestCare Wisconsin Harambee Community Center is an active community partner in a league of concerned service providers that are dedicated to the empowerment of families and individuals by providing collaborative strength based services designed to improve their quality of life. Through a grant from the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, the Families Moving Forward Providers Network (a coalition of providers co-founded and spearheaded by WestCare Wisconsin staff), WestCare Wisconsin is contracted to provide Domestic Violence Prevention or Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention workshops to families or family advocates. Participants learn the rules, laws, and consequences of intervention by the authorities. They are then given strategies for proactive steps to correct problems and get help before situations reach a legal or medical crisis level.

Faith Builds Community - Housing Development Partnership
Rev. Dr. James G White and his team coordinated the collective interest of four Racine area congregations concerned about affordable housing options, the need for suitable living environment and decent housing in the neighborhoods surrounding their churches. Initially called the “Racine Area Council of Pastors”, the group met with several City officials about their concerns. The St. Paul Community Development Corporation joined forces with the Racine Area Council of Pastors to create “Faith Builds Community, Inc.”. The FBC Board also includes Racine area nonprofit leadership and officials from the City and County of Racine. With over 25 years of combined housing and community development experience, the Faith Builds Community team decided to pursue HUD Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDO) status. To qualify for CHDO status, the group is required to demonstrate the capability of either rehabilitating an existing property, or constructing a new home in the city. The group applied for and received 2010 and 2011 Block Grant funds, and developed and submitted plans for the construction of a new three-bedroom home at the 61 Riverside Drive location. The WestCare Wisconsin team serves as the Project Management Consultant providing professional services including coordinate administrative activities, prepare and submit funding applications and reports, coordinate board activity. In July 2013, FBC contracted construction team completed a brand new three-bedroom single family home in the 8th Aldermanic District in Racine, WI.

AmeriCorps Wisconsin
WestCare Wisconsin participates in the AmeriCorps Program’s “United By Service” Veterans Service Support Initiative. National Service Members serve through our Harambee Community Involvement Center conducting outreach in financial, educational, employment and family crisis prevention to local area veterans and their families.