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Kudos to the WestCare CA Maintenace Team

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The WestCare California Maintenance Team has exhibited remarkable achievements throughout the past year. With an influx of over 1,700 maintenance requests documented in our system alone, not accounting for requests received through phone calls, handwritten submissions, emails, and similar channels, their dedication has been unwavering, committed to ensuring facilities conform to regulatory standards and provide a safe environment for our clients, visitors, and staff.

The Fresno Maintenance Team has faced numerous challenges in the current year, primarily centered around several projects involving construction and renovation at our new location, 1850 N. Gateway Blvd.

See the completed construction of one of these projects, SJVV – Fresno’s new office, on Facebook and Instagram!

Under the guidance of Maintenance Supervisor, Francisco Gonzalez, the team has embraced these projects as valuable learning opportunities. They have delved into unfamiliar territories, acquiring new skills and fostering a sense of unity. Interactions with team members consistently radiate enthusiasm, leaving one with a sense of inspiration. Some of our team members were recruited through WestCare Works, and their transformation through their work with WestCare serves as an inspiration to others.

The WCCA Maintenance team embraces every task, regardless of its difficulty, as an opportunity to troubleshoot and seek innovative solutions.

Kudos to the Team

The following individuals are integral members of our maintenance team, contributing to WestCare California’s mission and vision:

Maintenance Supervisor:

Francisco Gonzalez

Bakersfield Residential & Recovery Residence Housing:

Tim Garzell

CCTRP Stockton:

Ly Nguyen

CCTRP San Diego:

Stepfon Stafford

Veterans Programs, Fresno, Tulare, Merced, and Stockton:

Jorge Barba


Jeffery Arens, Alfred Calderon, Brian Childers, Luis Cortez, Lance Curtis, Oscar Martinez, Danny Sanchez, Kevin Strutz

These individuals embody the spirit of excellence as they diligently carry out their remarkable work each day, contributing to the overarching success of WestCare California.

From left to right: Luis, Alfred, Oscar, Danny, Lance, Dayatra, Kevin, Jeffery, Francisco, and Brian

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