Hafa Adai from WestCare Pacific Islands (WPI), where America's Day Begins! WPI has a strong commitment to "uplifting the human spirit" through its diverse programs and services available in Guam and Palau. Reaching out to those most in need, WPI has targeted services for veterans who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, persons with behavioral health and/or experiencing substance abuse, youth at risk, couples that would like to strengthen their relationship and those who may be afflicted with HIV/AIDS, including reducing the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and STD testing and awareness.

The current focus of services and those that are in development are in areas that are underdeveloped and for those of our neighbors who are under served. Building capacity and encouraging the empowerment of our pacific people is a major thrust of the work that is being done through individual and group work, training, consultation, community awareness and program development. WPI continues to seek out and be open to partnerships in the pacific for those interested in volunteering, making contributions of services, goods or funding or to collaborate in developing new programs that will assist in meeting the needs of the varied populations in our island communities.

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