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Offender Reentry Program

The Offender reentry Program serves adult (men and women 18+) offenders & ex-offenders who are returning to the community from incarceration in Morgan County Jail, Roane County Jail, and Louden County Jail in Tennessee or through probation and parole.

The program provides direct treatment services & systems linkages through an interconnected network of direct service provider partners. This program provides direct SUD and/or COD outpatient treatment services, as well as recovery support services (employment services, case management, relapse prevention, referrals & assistance in locating housing, life skills, education, parent education & child development, & substance use education).

The program also links participants to direct service provider partners for other recovery support services, including primary medical care. HIV testing, Hepatitis testing, & transportation to and from services. As well as, Case Management which will include housing, education and employment.

Contact Person: Kelly Helton, 865-469-7708 Email: Kelly.helton@westcare.com
Joshua Gibson 865-466-6439 Email. Joshua.gibson@westcare.com and donna.miller@westcare.com, therapist

Morgan County Recovery Court

The population of focus of the pre/post plea adult drug court program is primarily high-risk/high-need, nonviolent offenders (adults 18+/men and women), non sex offenders, residing in Morgan County.

Contact Person: Shannon Frie Email: shannon.frie@westcare.com

Roane County Recovery Court Program

The population of focus of the pre/post plea adult drug court program is primarily high-risk/high-need, nonviolent offenders (adults 18+/men and women), non sex offenders, residing in Roane County.

Contact Person: Monica Hughes Email: monica.hughes@westcare.com

MAT – TN Matters Medication Assisted Treatment Program

WestCare Tennessee provides evidence-based medication assisted treatment (MAT) using FDA approved medications and recovery support services (RSS). This program serves male and female adults (18+) who are prescription drug opioid and opioid users in rural Roane and Morgan counties of Tennessee. Clients are offenders referred by the jails and drug courts; family and self-referred addicts, veterans and the homeless.

Contact Person: Jamesha Westfield Email: Jamesha.westfield@westcare.com


WestCare is a certified vendor for the Department of Children Services. WestCare Provides all services in the home, the goal is to provide families with necessary treatment to remain together as a family or to reunite the family.

Contact Person: Janice Church, Email: janice.church@westcare.com
Sonya Gibson Email: sonya.gibson@westcare.com

Federal Probation

WestCare is a certified vendor for US/Federal Probation. WestCare provides random drug screens for clients on federal probation. WestCare also provides outpatient treatment if deemed necessary through one of our other programs.

Contact Person: Janice Church Email: janice.church@westcare.com

Bureau of Justice Assistance Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program (BJA-COAP)

WestCare Tennessee demonstrates an understanding of the dynamic nature of substance abuse in the communities we serve. The Bureau of Justice Assistance Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program (BJA-COAP) primary focus is to prevent and reduce overdose deaths associated with opioids, including illicit fentanyl, and advancing a shared understanding of patterns and characteristics of problem drug use in the counties we serve. The counties served are Jefferson and Cocke counties of Tennessee. The BJA-COAP program is designed to leverage resources and expertise of the US Department of Justice , Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , and the State Justice Institute (SJI) along with other federal partners who come in contact with law enforcement and/or are involved in the criminal justice system in high risk rural communities and regions.

WestCare Tennessee will support this effort through activities such as: strategic planning , strengthening epidemiologic surveillance and public health data infrastructure to ensure accurate, complete , and timely data, increase the use of evidence-based appropriate prescribed interventions within local healthcare systems, develop and implement community-level opioid overdose prevention activities, establish or enhance public health, behavioral health, and public safety collaborations, enhance linkage to evidence-based practices for opioid addiction/opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and expand peer recovery and recovery support services that help people initiate and remain in recovery and relapse prevention.

Contact Person: Shandi Hill, Program Coordinator Email: shandi.hill@westcare.com
Ross Wells, Research Assistant Email: ross.wells@westcare.com