In December of 2016, WestCare Foundation introduced its services to the state of Texas. Through partnerships with various local community entities, we work together in ways that lead to improved behavioral health, empowered and sustained community residents, reductions in trauma. We provide services in both San Antonio and Laredo, Texas.


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) awarded $4.8 million to Bexar County and its partners WestCare Foundation and San Antonio Fighting Back for a grant to help people and communities recover from and build resiliency to trauma over a five-year period. The name of the grant is ReCAST which stands for Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma.

The ReCAST Grant is being implemented throughout several zip codes within the Promise Zone to ensure that these practices and resources are provided to the long-neglected Eastside community.

The goal of the ReCAST Program is for local communities to work together in ways that lead to improved behavioral health, empowered community residents, reductions in community-level trauma, and sustainable community change. The ReCAST program is promoting resilience and equity by increasing access to evidence-based, violence prevention, and community youth engagement programs and promoting access to trauma-informed behavioral health services.

Programs & Services:

  • Capacity-Building Training
  • Improvement in Community and Police Relations
  • Healing Hubs
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Youth Leadership & Employment
  • Re-Entry Programs
  • Go-Team Crisis Intervention
  • Community Organizing and Neighborhood Engagement
  • Drug Free Communities

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

To improve police and community relations, ReCAST funded a program called "Walk-A-Mile in my Shoes". Participants were involved in interactive role-playing that allows community members to understand a police officers' perspective, as well as practice de-escalation techniques.


ReCAST has joined forces with 100 Black Men of San Antonio, Inc. to implement PLAAY (Preventing Long-term Anger and Aggression in Youth) into their youth summer basketball program. PLAAY is a culturally relevant intervention created in order to promote the development of healthy coping skills for black male youth. PLAAY educates on stress management during face-to-face encounters in peer social activities, teaches how to identify, and resolve racial and gender conflicts and increases parental awareness while reducing the effects of trauma on youth and their parents.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, San Antonio Chapter

Many grandparents today are stepping in to raise their grandchildren due to various circumstances and situations. This group raises awareness to grandparents raising grandchildren and to the community about the legal, financial, social, and health needs of grandparents raising grandchildren and to provide support through collaborative means. Visit https://www.sagrg.com for more information.

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, San Antonio Chapter

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice is a national network of crime survivors joining together to create healing communities and to shape and promote public policy that helps the people and communities most harmed by crime and violence. They are a flagship project of Alliance for Safety and Justice, with over 10,000 members that include chapters and leaders across the country. For more information visit https://cssj.org.