WestCare West Virginia – Braxton County Prevention Project

WestCare West Virginia facilitated bringing the PAX Good Behavior Game® (PAX GBG) as well as prevention coordination to Braxton County Schools. More than 500 students in all six of the county’s elementary schools will benefit from this universal preventive intervention used by teachers and school personnel to teach self-regulation, self-management, and self-control in young people. This project is in partnership with Community Care of West Virginia, Inc., a federally qualified health center, that serves several counties in the center of the State. Braxton County is the first school system in West Virginia to implement one of the most effective programs in the US to help increase peace and productivity in elementary school children Kindergarten through third grade.

Paxis Longitudinal studies of GBG conducted by scientists at Johns Hopkins and in other countries have demonstrated that participation in this set of practices during first or second grade can help to reduce the incidence of disciplinary problems immediately and other problems such as substance abuse later in life.

WestCare West Virginia – Consulting

WestCare is just getting started in West Virginia with providing consulting and training as we assess community resources, need and readiness for services across the human services continuum of care. One of our first clients is a faith community service provider in Huntington, WV. See consulting brochure for available training and consulting topics! Westcare Consulting 2017