Providing Outpatient Settings for Substance Abuse Treatment

There are many different methods used for substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. An outpatient setting allows individuals to receive counseling and support while still residing at their home and continuing to work and live within the community. Outpatient clients have either completed a residential program or do not require the more intensive services provided through residential.

WestCare's outpatient programs offer varying levels of services ranging from an intensive treatment with over ten hours of group and individual therapy, to a minimal aftercare program that entails one group session per week. A determination of the intensity of treatment needed is made at initial assessment and is modified to accommodate the realistic/practical treatment needs of clients as they progress within the program. Outpatient services include: individual and group counseling alcohol and drug education classes; relapse-prevention curriculum; orientation to community-based, self-help meetings; family and significant other education/support services; educational and vocational rehabilitation assistance; and community referrals. Examples of programs such as these include: Fresno Adult Outpatient in California, Village South Outpatient in Florida, and Las Vegas Community Involvement Center.