Providing Supportive Environments for Treatment Away from Home

Residential treatment is often considered the most reliable method of substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. The primary advantage is that it provides a safe, structured, and supportive environment away from home to address addiction, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because negatively influencing factors from the individual's life are removed, clients are able to rediscover themselves and develop independent life skills for their future.

WestCare's residential programs offer varying lengths of stay ranging from thirty days to one year. Clients are provided an array of treatment, intervention, educational and employment-oriented services including: substance abuse treatment, individual and group counseling, case management educational and vocational assessment, job development, placement and retention skills and services integrated throughout. All residential programs focus on building a new life in recovery, and they teach the importance of positive parenting and economic self-sufficiency.

WestCare offers residential programs for men, women, men with children, and women with children. The focus and intensity of treatment is modified to accommodate the realistic/practical treatment needs of clients as they begin admitting and embracing their own need for continuing recovery. Examples of programs such as these include: Residential Multi-Service Center in California, Village South Families in Transition in Florida, and Serenity in Nevada.